Computer Maintenance and Managed IT Services

Bayou Technologies provides our Computer Maintenance and IT Systems Management Solutions to Lake Charles, Sulphur, Moss Bluff, and all of Southwest Louisiana. With computers being a crucial factor and tool in nearly every business, keeping your systems online and functioning well is key to doing business.

Computer Maintenance

Maintaining a computer is in integral part of being a computer user, as daily activities like surfing the web and using programs can lead to diminished performance, costing you valuable time and productivity.

Computers are wonderful tools for productivity, but they are only as effective as the programs and applications that have been installed on them. Couple that with unforeseen downtime due to hardware or software issues, and your productivity can come to a grinding halt.

If your computer and software is not performing the tasks that you require, or is not working the way you need it to be working, Bayou Technologies can help. Our research and experience in a multitude of software applications and operating systems can assist you with the headache of making your computer work for you.

IT Systems Management Solutions

Maintaining your computer can be an easily overlooked task when you have one computer, but for a business with many, falling behind on such activities can lead to certain disaster and downtime when a catastrophic failure occurs.

We offer IT services to small businesses and can help keep their computer systems up and running. Our technicians can help any business need with quick response onsite service. For clients with a greater need, we offer discounted rates on service contracts that can be customized for any technical support need.

Our IT Systems Management Solutions can help your computers and network stay healthy. With our managed services, we keep a close eye on the health and performance of your computers from afar. With a small, unobtrusive software client installed on each machine, the service monitors a variety of functions, which is a proactive method to PC maintenance. Rather than reacting to catastrophe after it occurs, with Bayou Technologies, you can have a proactive system in place that can help you to predict and intercept potential issues with your computers. Our system even provides services like offsite backup (cloud backup) and integrated antivirus and anti-malware software from the leaders in the industry. CONTACT US today to schedule a consultation to determine your business needs and get a head start on keeping your computers productive and your systems online.