Computer Repair and Laptop Repair

Whether for professional or personal use, computers are an integral part of today’s society. While computers can simplify tasks, their use can create a number of issues and headaches for the people that use them.

Bayou Technologies is dedicated to helping our customers become familiar with the machines they use on a daily basis. We provide Lake Charles, Sulphur, Moss Bluff, and all of Southwest Louisiana with our Computer Repair and Laptop Repair services. Together we can simplify, educate and conquer the fears of these computers that we depend on in our lives.

Lake Charles, Louisiana Computer Repair | Moss Bluff and Sulphur, Louisiana Laptop Repair

Computer Repair

While computers are advanced technological wonders, the old adage holds true: The more parts there are, the more likely it is to break or malfunction. Coupled with the variety of malicious programs that can take hold of your machine, dragging the performance to a screeching halt, the need for a solution to these problems can be found with our computer repair services.

In order to bring your machine back to life, the smallest component may need replacing or perhaps a simple driver update will suffice. Whatever your computer repair need may be, Bayou Technologies can help. From minor repair needs to complete system rebuilding, we have the solutions to your problems. Let our experts help you solve your issues in a way that will get your computer back to life, and back in your life.

Computer Setup

When a new computer is purchased, it typically arrives with a slew of unneeded applications and in dire need of necessary ones, such as reliable antivirus, anti-spyware, or backup programs. Even new computers need a ton of updates that are released on an almost daily basis.

In addition, you may need this new PC to have all the things of importance transferred over from your old machine, if you are replacing it. Email, documents, pictures and other items need to be migrated for your ease of use. If installing it into an existing home or office network, drivers and settings for printing or file-sharing will be necessary for it to operate properly.For people that are making the switch from PC to Mac, getting all your important data from one computer to the other may seem problematic. Our experience with Apple computers can help you to get you using your new Mac immediately. Let our team of Apple repair technicians take care of any and all issues you might have with your Mac.

Let Bayou Technologies eliminate your headaches by providing the help you need to get your new computer running right from day one.

Lake Charles, Louisiana Computer Repair | Moss Bluff and Sulphur, Louisiana Laptop Repair

Laptop Repair

With the smaller form factor of laptop computers, repair services can be a little more difficult. Bayou Technologies has the experience and know-how for any and all laptop repair needs: from screen repair and replacement to power jack repair. Often times, other computer repair “specialists” might not have the skill set to perform surgical soldering techniques that can mean the difference of hundreds of dollars in parts. Let Bayou Technologies help you with your laptop repair, and our honest repair specialists will fix your laptop quickly and economically.

Our services are available in the comfort of your own home or business, or we can schedule a pick-up and drop off if more convenient. We have locations in Lake Charles, Sulphur, and Moss Bluff for dropping off your computer or device for repair.

If you have any questions about computers, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our contact information, store hours, and a contact form can be found in the CONTACT US section.