For most people, when it comes to your computer, the most valuable part isn’t the actual hardware, it is the data that your computer stores. When disaster strikes, Bayou Technologies can help you with our data recovery services in Lake Charles, Sulphur, and all of Southwest Louisiana.

Data Recovery

The worst feeling in the world can be losing your valued pictures, documents, or data. Often times a corrupted Windows installation or a failed hard drive can be blamed. Other times, natural disasters can strike, leaving your computer rendered inoperable and your data seemingly lost. You can lose your data by getting attacked by viruses and hackers. You can prevent these from happening by installing a cloud security program on your computer. Bayou Technologies can help.

Accidentally deleting a file from a computer or some important text messages from your phone can be devastating, but our data recovery solutions can help you to get back the important data caused by a misclick of the mouse or slip of the finger.

We can recover your lost data in most instances when your computer has crashed and won’t let you access the files you need. We can attempt to restore any files are still intact after a natural disaster. Hard drives can fail for a variety of reasons, and most often, the data can be saved. The next time you have lost your irreplaceable files, let us see what we can recover.

Should the damage to your hard drive exceed our capabilities, we are partnered with some of the premier data recovery firms in the world. If your hard drive has been afflicted with physical damage, the “clean room” facilities utilized by these data recovery partners can be effective in recovering your crucial business data or irreplaceable photos.Should you encounter a data loss, the first step is to stop using the device in question. CONTACT US immediately, as we are successful in recovering data from any type of device, including Macs, PCs, iPhones, Flash Memory Cards, USB Thumb Drives, and more!

Data Security

The flip side to the Data Recovery coin would be data security. Many people and businesses make charitable contributions of computers, believing they have deleted their private information by clicking the delete key. Formatting the hard drive seems safe, right? These days, any person knowledgeable in the field of data recovery or computer forensics can find you private information, personal business files or client lists, credit card or social security cards easily.

Don’t fall victim to the crime of identity theft. Let Bayou Technologies ensure that your data is securely disposed of before your “charity” pulls more from your pockets than you expected.

If you have any questions about data recovery, data security, or computers in general, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our locations, store hours, and a contact form can be found in the CONTACT US section.