With the advent of high speed internet, having your programs and data available to your company anywhere you use your computer can be a huge advantage to your productivity. For businesses in Lake Charles, Sulphur, Southwest Louisiana, or anywhere in the world, we can help you to get your business online.
Cloud Storage and Backups | Lake Charles | Sulphur | Louisiana

Cloud Storage

Keeping your critical business or personal data safe with backups is necessary, but the methods of performing these backups are experiencing a sea change.  With Internet speeds increasing daily, the ability to upload and download large chunks of data has allowed cloud storage to become an efficient method to conduct backups for your home or business data.

Bayou Technologies can help you to find the best solution for your cloud storage backups and with our help, you can rest easy knowing that your irreplaceable data is stored safely on a multitude of servers managed by companies with 24/7 uptime.  With cloud storage backups, no longer is the threat of accidental file deletion or cataclysmic natural disasters like fire and floods a reason to fret.

Custom Internet Application Development

In the past, utilizing custom programs for your business was a costly endeavor, with expenses associated with development, servers for processing power that require maintenance, and unforeseeable updates and upgrades that must be applied. Combined with the inconvenience of having the programs installed on separate computers, things can get pretty cumbersome.

Thankfully, with internet speeds being increased every day, utilizing the web for work is commonplace. Now, your program and data can run in “the cloud”, where everything is hosted remotely and can be accessed from any computer with a website browser.

Bayou Technologies develops custom internet applications that can help you to maximize your productivity from anywhere. With your program and data online, our web-based solutions can benefit any type of business needs. We work alongside you to develop exactly the application your business requires, provide constant support and maintenance, and can even host your application on servers with 99.999% uptime. With your business processes happening in “the cloud”, you can let your productivity soar.

If you have questions about any of the custom applications we develop, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Information and a web form can be found in the CONTACT US section.