In today’s society, print advertising is dying a slow death. The focus from advertising in the yellow pages or newspapers is shifting to the World Wide Web. With online advertising reaching millions of potential customers, having a website is a must. Bayou Technologies provides Lake Charles, Sulphur, Southwest Louisiana, and clients around the country with website design and development.
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Website Design and Development

Many small businesses have yet to realize the marketing potential of a website.  Before the cost may have been prohibitive to many to implement a website, now you can take advantage of the World Wide Web and the billions of people it reaches.

From a simple informational page to a database driven sales tool, Bayou Technologies can provide you with the tool you need to get people familiar with your business, and on a budget you can afford.  If your business has an existing website, perhaps a new approach or a fresh look can make the difference in promoting yourself on the web.

Our simple and elegant website design, coupled with the message you wish to project to the world, can help to make a huge impact on your business.

Graphic Design

For many small businesses, creating an identity that will attract and promote business is essential.  Starting with a solid website design, maintaining a consistent and solid company image can be achieved with logos, stationery, signage, and ad placement; all of which are all important in establishing your business presence.  Whether you need to attract new customers or keep the ones you already have, Bayou Technologies can assist you in reaching that goal.


Having a cool looking website is only as effective as the content it provides the viewer.  Nothing says “unprofessional” to the reader (or prospective customer) like misspelling, grammatical errors, or an ineffective summarization of the message being conveyed.

Not only is relevant content important for your potential customers, but search engines are geared to look for pages that contain textual content that is relevant to the search terms used.  A website with improperly composed text content can actually do worse in SEO rankings.

Bayou Technologies can help you create the copy to use on your website, brochure, advertisement, or any other promotional materials that will present your business to your clients, establishing a relationship for the future.

If you have questions about any of the website services we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Information and a contact form can be found in the CONTACT US section.

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